Whether for your kitchen, your bathroom or the whole house. We organize the entire conversion for you.



We accumulate the entire cost compilation openly and transparently and we offer a fixed flat rate for our services.


A kitchen conversion as convenient as never before.



For clearing out your existing kitchen, we will provide you with our rein boxes. Your existing refrigerator will be installed in the room next door so it can do its job during the conversion days. A cooking-rechaud can be made disposable to you.


Construction plans and the construction program are carefully prepared by us. Detailed solutions are defined, planned and efficiently carried out.


construction management


“The human being with its needs is in the spotlight. Especially when renovating kitchens or apartments, I attach great importance to individuality and your personal ambitions. Together we create something unique.ˮ


Job Müller, Owner


Your wishes and ideas are important to us.



We would be happy to discuss these with you. During a reconstruction, a first visit to your home is very important to us. Situation, exposure, view etc. are recorded and taken into account.


Your kitchen, your furniture and your carpentry are recorded with the latest technology. You receive your offered works with photo-realistic pictures. Despite state-of-the-art technology, we always like to fall back to hand sketches. No matter which technology is used, personality is our top priority.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Project planning




Your projects will be produced with the most state-of-the-art production equipment.



Computer-controlled machines provide the high Swiss quality. However, machinery is only as reliable as the people who operate it. That is why we rely on well-trained and highly motivated employees which are indispensable for good craftsmanship.



Our employees are responsible for your project from the measurement to production and assembly. You will have a direct contact person and a clean and high-quality result from our carpenter.



Visit our kitchen showroom in Unterägeri.



In our kitchen showroom you can touch your dream kitchen, feel materials, see colours and experience them in combination.


In our showroom we display our kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, carpentry and work spaces. On our sample wall you can experience different colours, shapes and materials firsthand.



We would be happy to make time for you!